Build your own Sling at the factory

Factory Build-Assist Programme

Our Factory Build-Assist Programme offers you the opportunity to build your own Sling at the factory in South Africa with guidance and assistance from our team of experts.

For newcomers to the E-AB world, the prospect of building your own aircraft introduces you to unfamiliar territory. The programme is designed to guide you through the process of assembling your Sling from start to finish, with the assistance and supervision of qualified Sling Aircraft technicians taking away the many negatives and unknowns associated with owner building of an aircraft kit.

It also offers you the opportunity to become intimately familiar with your aircraft in a way that non-builders will never be.

Sling Aircraft is one of the most trusted names in the production of experimental aircraft. Our extensive experience allows us to get your aircraft flying on time and on budget with a focus on quality and safety. We offer design consultation, extensive research and development, integration of systems and back it all with our commitment to safety and attention to detail. We work closely with every customer to ensure that their aircraft is customised to their individual requirements and that a safe and dependable aircraft leaves our facility.

Sling Aircraft’s role in the programme is to provide state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, expert advice and provision of a portion of the actual construction labour. This allows the owner to complete their 51% contribution required for experimental aircraft and know that their Sling Aircraft will be of the highest quality.

Simply put the comfort of knowing that your aircraft was built at the Sling Aircraft factory to Sling Aircraft standards will live with you forever.

Key benefits of the programme

The Factory Build-Assist Programme is conducted over a three-month period at Sling Aircraft Head Office, situated at Tedderfield Airfield (FATA) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  1. Build space supplied with all required tools, jigs, safety equipment and consumables etc.
  2. All required parts are readily available ex-stock.
  3. Qualified Sling Aircraft technicians are assigned to supervise and oversee all aspects of your build -
  • Airframe Construction.
  • Firewall Forward, Engine and Prop installation.
  • Avionics and Instrument Panel installation.
  • Electrics installation.
  • Interior customisation and installation.
  • Paint Scheme Design and final priming and paint.
  • Fit and Finish of all components.
  • Systems installation and testing.
  • Inspections and sign-off of on all steps in the progress of the build.
  1. Initial test flights of your completed aircraft conducted by Sling Aircraft Chief Test Pilot, Sean Russell. Assistance with any required further proving flights can be arranged.
  2. Service and Maintenance training on your aircraft at the Sling Aircraft AMO.
  3. Assistance with your aircraft documentation and compliance with requirements for registration.
  4. Stripping and packing of your aircraft for air freight or container sea freight shipment back home.
  5. Assistance with arrangements and logistics should you wish to fly the aircraft from the factory back home.
  6. Accommodation options are available either on site or nearby for the duration of the build.
  7. Access to the Sling Aircraft company fleet at competitive rates for you to familiarise yourself flying the aircraft type you are building. A further option is the availability of tailor-made flying safaris should you wish to explore Southern Africa while visiting.

South Africa bowls our customers over with its stunning climate, abundance of natural splendour, exotic wildlife, cosmopolitan flair and friendly faces. A country rich in diversity, animal life, food, sport and culture, this is an entire continent’s worth of greatness concentrated into a single gorgeous build assist package. There are hundreds of reasons to come to South Africa – savannah safaris, abseiling adventures, canopy tours throughout the beautiful mountains and world class beaches to name but a few – and once you are here, you’ll discover millions more.

Limited dates are now available for 2021.

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