aerodelft in the netherlands launches first sling 4 liquid hydrogen powered aircraft

Aerodelft – The Future Flies In Clean Skies

in News
A team of 47 ambitious students from the TU Delft, Willem de Kooning Academie, InHolland Delft, Haag...
sling squawk august 2021 full newsletter

Sling Squawk – August 2021. Available Now!

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Howzit Slingers! How was Oshkosh you ask? Argh… It’s heart-breaking to be writing to you without a s...
the sling aircraft sling squawk june 2021 newsletter available for download now via our blog

Sling Squawk – June 2021. Available Now!

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Howzit Slingers! Well here we are, already halfway through the year and the pandemic still rages on ...
sling aircraft sling 4 on a rescue expedition from nairobi to lusaka non stop

Sling To The Rescue!

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“With at least 2 direct flights a day on Kenyan Airways or the option of a three-day scenic dr...
sling aircraft squawk newsletter march 2021 available now

Sling Squawk – March 2021. Available Now!

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Howzit Slingers! It’s almost a year to the day that we, in South Africa, went into the start o...
sling aircraft releases lunar paint which recharges their aircraft at night

Sling Aircraft To Release Lunar Paint That Recharges Their Aircraft

in News
Lunar energy that recharges your Sling Aircraft? That’s right folks. Introducing our latest of...
sling aircraft introduces the sling cycles tagati titanium bicycle

Introducing The Sling Cycles TAGATI

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During 2020, between COVID lockdowns, employees of Sling Aircraft rode the 35km Sling Trail in Johan...
January 2021 Sling Squawk Newsletter Sling Aircraft

Sling Squawk – January 2021. Available Now!

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Howzit Slingers! 2021 arrived in a flash and with it a glimpse of what the year ahead holds for Slin...

The ETH e-Sling Focus Project

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The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) and the Institute of Machine Tools and Manufa...
the sling aircraft squaek august 2020 newsletter

Sling Squawk – August 2020. Available Now!

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Slingers! The Sling Squawk latest edition is available now! Subscribe to our mailing list and stay u...
Sling Aircraft navigating the covid 19 virus

UPDATED: Navigating The COVID-19 Shutdown

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Dear Sling Aircraft owners,  Following the announcement by President Ramaphosa on the eve of 09...
The Airplane Factory achieves the PGHS Trophy for excellence in manufacturing at the aero club awards for sling aircraft

Excellence At The Aero Club Annual Awards

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What does the pioneering spirit look like? 2008 saw us perform our very first test flight in our ver...


sling aircraft uk exhibiting at laa sywell rally 2021

LAA Sywell Rally 2021

in Events
In this their 75th Anniversary year, the LAA Sywell Rally, with some 7,800 members and more than 2,8...
you are invited to the sling aircraft sling high wing launch breakfast

POSTPONED: Sling High Wing Launch Breakfast

in Events
Update: POSTPONED It is with a heavy heart that we have to postpone the Sling High Wing Launch Break...
sling aircraft will see you at eaa airventure oshkosh 2021 with the sling high wing

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2021

in Events
Join Team TAF Sling USA in Wisconsin at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2021, July 26th to August 1st! W...
sling aircraft attends sun n fun aerospace expo 2021

SUN n FUN Aerospace Expo

in Events
From its humble beginnings in 1974 as a fly-in for sport aviation enthusiasts, the SUN ‘n FUN Aerosp...
join sling aircraft at aero club airweek 2021

Aero Club Airweek

in Events
Join Team Sling at the Middelburg Airfield in conjunction with Aero Club Airweek, 23 to 27 April! Th...
join sling aircraft founder mike blyth for the eaa virtual event

Join Us At The EAA Virtual Event with Mike Blyth

in Events
Good day Slingers! Mark your calendars to join Sling Aircraft founder, Mike Blyth as he talks w...
you are invited to our 2020 sling aircraft breakfast fly in at tedderfield airpark

Sling Aircraft Breakfast Fly-In 2020

in Events
Good day Slingers. With Level 2’s easing of lockdown restrictions, we are thrilled to announce...
2020 sling africa tour: bushveld safari

Sling Africa Tour 2020: Bushveld Safari

in Events
Good day Slingers! The Sling Africa Tour is once again upon us and this year will see us Slinging ou...
Sling Aircraft invites you to the 2019 SUN n FUN at Brits Airfield

SUN n FUN Brits 2019

in Events
Calling all Slingers and fellow aviators! Spring is here! Come and join us at Brits Airfield as the ...
You are invited to our 2019 the airplane factory breakfast fly in

TAF Breakfast Fly-In 2019

in Events
You are invited to our 2019 TAF Breakfast Fly-In! Saturday, 14 September from 07h00 to 11h30, bring ...
Sling Aircraft of The Airplane Factory to attend the LAA Sywell Rally 2019 in the United Kingdom

LAA Sywell 2019 Rally

in Events
The three day event begins! Be part of Britains biggest international fly-in event! 30 August to 1 S...
sling aircraft to attend eaa airventure oshkosh 2019 in wisconsin usa

EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2019

in Events
It doesn’t matter what you see; you just have to see it for yourself, at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, The...


african pilot introduces the sling high wing in their september edition

Introducing The Sling High Wing (African Pilot)

in Press, Sling HW
“I first met Mike Blyth and James Pitman when they were testing the ballistic parachute in the...
SA Flyer publishes article on the new sling aircraft sling high wing

Sling High Wing – A Higher Plane (SA Flyer)

in Press, Sling HW
“The most anticipated version of the phenomenally successful Sling series is the Sling High Wi...
proudly south african designed and manufactured light aircraft article by african pilot

SA Designed And Manufactured Aircraft (African Pilot)

in Press, Sling 2, Sling HW, Sling LSA, Sling TSi
A light aircraft proudly designed and manufactured in South Africa? Check✔️ Widely exported to all p...
watch the eaa usa webinar with sling aircraft founder mike blyth

The EAA Virtual Event with Mike Blyth

in Press, Sling 2, Sling 4, Sling HW, Sling LSA, Sling TSi
For those of you who were unable to join the EAA USA Virtual Event with Sling Aircraft founder, Mike...
sign of the times online magazine features article on sling aircraft

I Am Brand – Sling Aircraft

in Press, Sling 2, Sling 4, Sling HW, Sling LSA, Sling TSi
“For this article, “I am Brand”, we have selected a truly unique and exciting Sout...
youtube influencer max maxwell at he sling aircraft breakfast fly-in sa flyer

Sling 2020 Breakfast Fly-In (SA Flyer)

in Press, Sling 2, Sling 4, Sling HW, Sling LSA, Sling TSi
After the lock-down that had kept the majority of pilots grounded for months, the aviation community...
Sling Aircraft breakfast fly-in 2020 article by african pilot

Sling 2020 Breakfast Fly-In (African Pilot)

in Press, Sling 2, Sling 4, Sling HW, Sling LSA, Sling TSi
“I arrived at Tedderfield Air Park early on Saturday morning 17 October 2020 to see many aircr...
Sling Aircraft Breakfast Fly In hosted at Tedderfield Airpark

Sling 2020 Breakfast Fly-In (Pilots Post)

in Press, Sling 2, Sling 4, Sling HW, Sling LSA, Sling TSi
“This year, Sling Aircraft’s annual breakfast fly-in, the best ever attended, celebrated...
The sling tsi takes flight in netherlands through european importer frisian air

First Flight Of The Sling TSi Kit Aircraft In The Netherlands (Dutch)

in Press, Sling TSi
Frisian Air BV, our Netherlands based Distributor, has successfully completed the construction of th...
Sling High Wing Aircraft Development Pilots Post Article

Sling’s High Wing – Another Success In The Making

in Press, Sling HW
“We, in sunny South Africa, went into an almost complete lock down on March 17th due to Covid-...
Frisian Air, Sling Aircraft distributors now open in the netherlands

Frisian Air, Importers Of Sling Aircraft, Now Open In The Netherlands

in Press, Sling TSi
Netherlands aviation publications, AOPA Netherlands as well as Piloot en Vliegtuig recently featured...
French publiation Aviation et Pilote and their article on the Sling TSi test flight

The Sling 4 Became The Sling TSi – Aviation et Pilote (French)

in Press, Sling TSi
I’m sitting left in the Sling TSi, a four-seater kit aircraft that was designed in South Afric...



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Around the World in 40 Days
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WILD LANDINGS - Namibia (Part 2 of 3)
WILD LANDINGS - Namibia (Part 3 of 3)
WILD LANDINGS - Namibia (Part 3 of 3)
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