The benefits of Rotax engine registration

It is essential for all rotax aircraft engine owners to ensure that their engine is registered online

It is very important for BRP-ROTAX to get to know their customers and their engines in operation. This allows the optimisation of distribution and service networks according to customer's needs. By registering your engine, you are linking your ROTAX product with warranty services, proof of ownership, recall notifications and bonus campaigns. Warranty coverage not only protects your engine - it protects your wallet!

Please note that when a new and unused engine is purchased from a ROTAX® authorised Aircraft Engines distributor or their independent Service Centers, that the engine owner must register the engine on the ROTAX website within 30 days of purchasing the engine. This is a requirement for warranty coverage.

If you purchase a used ROTAX aircraft engine that is still within its warranty coverage period, the warranty (and any ROTAX CARE extended warranty, if applicable) shall be transferred and shall be valid for the remaining coverage period, provided that the engine was properly registered online. You (the new owner) are then required to re-register the engine online, without delay.

For more information on how to go about completing this correctly, please refer to the ROTAX video below:

ROTAX warranty coverage not only protects your engine
- it protects your wallet.