Our AMO offers a wealth of experience, knowledge and skill


Established in 2013, Sling Aircraft’s AMO is situated in the south of Johannesburg at Tedderfield Airpark (FATA S26°21'06" | E27°58'09"). With a celebrated history in the South African aviation industry, we have built a reputation as a strong industry player. As a South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) approved organisation, our AMO, 1264, offers a wealth of experience, knowledge, and skill and our aircraft maintenance technicians are some of the finest in the industry and are Rotax approved in accordance with iRMT (independent Rotax Maintenance Technician).

As an ever-growing organisation, however, the Sling is not the only range of aircraft we maintain. As we continue to make our mark in the history of aviation, we have added new challenges to our operating specifications and now maintain a broader variety of aircraft, including the ever-popular Vans RV range, a variety of gyrocopters as well as metal airframes. In addition, we specialise in Lycoming engines and all associated propellers, as well as compass swing, pitot-static testing and ATF applications.

In terms of research and development, our AMO works alongside the R&D department at our premises. In the event that design modifications are required, the aircraft maintenance technicians are often the best guys to assist. Together, the AMO makes every effort to ensure maintenance is made as easy as possible for every one of our Sling Aircraft owners. Sling Aircraft’s AMO is intensely focused on customer satisfaction and strives to exceed customer expectations whilst providing expert advice and setting the benchmark for safety, efficiency, affordability, and reliability.

AMO Ratings

A, B, C, W, X

Engine Groups

1. Rotax 9 Series.
2. Lycoming Series.

Airframe Groups

  1. Unpressurised aeroplanes of all-metal construction, with an MTOW of 5,700 kg or less.
  2. Rotorcraft powered by reciprocating engines.


Sling is not the only range of aircraft we maintain