Sling kits are broken down into manageable sections to suit your available space and financial needs.


Building a Sling Aircraft of your own is fun and exciting. We are here for you!

Construction Manual (Sample)

The construction manuals that come with your Sling Aircraft have been tested and proven by thousands of Sling Aircraft owners across the globe. Although the construction manuals supplied here are sample documents, you will receive the complete manual with your model.

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Sling Sample Manual

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Sling Aerodynamics


Sling 2

Construction Images - Taildragger

Building a taildragger version of our Sling LSA or Sling 2? The construction manuals supplied here are sample documents, you will receive the complete manual with your model.


Past kit builders have loved building their Sling!

MARK JACKSON (Sling 2 Kit)

“The kit build experience was FANTASTIC! I would build another one tomorrow... if my wife didn’t threaten to shoot me first.”

DES HOWSON (Sling 2 Kit)

“Even when the weather does not allow long-distance, a delightful flight can be made in the calm evening air behind the storm. My Sling 2 Taildragger is so easy to prepare, I can be airborne as soon as the air clears. She’s very economical too. I need to fly more than 3 hours to achieve the “$100 hamburger” run. I’m more than satisfied with my Sling 2 ownership. What a pleasure she is to fly in addition to being easy and affordable to maintain. I’m proud to know many of the fantastic people that make these aviation dreams come true for so many of us. Mike, James, Andrew and the team at Sling Aircraft are proving to the world what can be achieved when you invest and believe in your people. Well done to you all!”


“I bought my kit in 2009, it was the second kit sold. I was a bit nervous at the time as I was one of the “guinea pigs” and we were not really sure on how this kit would go together or how easy it would be for a home builder to assemble. However, as I moved forward with the project my fears were soon set aside. The accuracy of the kit amazed me, with pre-drilled holes (to final size) fitting together perfectly I realised that the Sling Aircraft factory had spent a lot of time ensuring accuracy on their side. This also meant no jigs were required! Pulled rivets instead of driven rivets meant that assembly is mostly a one-man operation and because pulled rivets are much quieter when riveting, the neighbours won’t get annoyed at night! The aircraft was on the whole easy to build and plans were pretty easy to follow. I did get stuck a couple of times, but the staff were always available to help. I have flown my Sling over 200 hours now and have had very few issues. It flies really well, I have the 100hp ULS Rotax engine with a ground adjustable Whirlwind prop. I can lift a full load on a hot day and can still cruise at 125 mph. I could change my prop pitch for more speed but like it just the way it is! Enjoying my Sling!”

Evan Brunye - (SLING TSI KIT)

“I decided to build a Sling TSi in August 2019 after weighing the options available in the market. The modern and elegant engine solution in the Rotax 915 is paired with an absolutely beautiful, sleek airframe design had me convinced this was the best four place kit aircraft on the market. I was fortunate enough to get an empennage kit the day I placed my order, and started building right away. The build process was not without its struggles, but every hurdle overcome came with a deep sense of accomplishment. Being able to assemble an entire aircraft from pop rivets instead of traditional bucking rivets makes the project an absolute pleasure. Every milestone along the way from completing the wings, fuselage, engine installation, through final assembly is as enjoyable as it is memorable. To top it all off, once the interior upholstery kit is installed in the aircraft, it's truly unlike any other kit plane. It has the aesthetic of an extremely high-end (and extremely high priced!) certified aircraft, and the fit and finish is phenomenal. After about a year of hard work, it all paid off when she finally took to the skies. The plane handles beautifully, control inputs are extremely responsive, but very predictable. Performance is out of this world, I can climb at 2,000 fpm without the slightest bit of struggle from the plane. (The only struggle is seeing over the nose when you're going straight up like a rocket!) Cruise speeds are excellent, and the low fuel burn makes it even better! I've enjoyed the process so much, I decided to move on to building aircraft full time as a build assist program, and have since taken on two additional TSi builds, with more to come, working with customers to get more people the huge smiles I have after every flight.”