As pilots rise through the ranks and through aircraft of ever-increasing sophistication, one question remains constant: What is next? And one answer will always resonate: More. More speed. More capability. More power. More capacity. The Sling TSi encompasses all of these qualities and has become an aircraft with an uncompromising mission: To offer unrivalled performance, safety, comfort and reliability to any pilot, no matter the mission. The Sling TSi is not simply more aircraft. It is more of all the reasons you fly.

Following on from the legacy of the Sling 2 and Sling 4, the Sling TSi has the same great handling characteristics that made its predecessors legendary. The Sling TSi has been critically acclaimed for its all-round capabilities, superb handling and functionality. The Sling TSi offers the same perfectly coordinated flight characteristics, with controls that are highly responsive yet not overly sensitive. It comfortably seats four, with baggage, and cruises effortlessly even at altitudes of 18,000 ft or higher, making it the ultimate long distance cross-country machine.

“A four-place cruiser that carries several hours’ worth of fuel and a respectable luggage load. This sexy Sling TSi does so in leather-wrapped comfort. It has a wider cabin than a Bonanza, looks incredible on the ramp. Its turbocharged Rotax 916 iS whisks it along at a brisk 160 ktas.”
Marc C. Lee (Plane and Pilot Magazine)


Design the exterior of your Sling Aircraft to your liking.

You can turn your Sling into your personalised dream aircraft using our numerous standard or complex paint scheme and vinyl design options. In addition, Sling Aircraft uses LEDs for all exterior lighting. Not only do these use less energy and generate less heat, they are exceptionally bright and allow for sharply defined beams. Effortlessly elegant, superbly appointed and finished with a forensic eye.


A truly first-class travel experience.

The Sling TSi's elegantly crafted interior showcases executive four-seat comfort. Using only genuine leather and lavish carpeting, the Sling TSi stands out with an elegance that adds a touch of class to aircraft interiors. Available in four colour palettes: Cast Iron, Red Velvet, Indigo Sky and Cloud Burst with stitching, piping and panelling in complementary colours.

In addition to the leather interior, cabin heating and ventilation are standard for all occupants. The carbon fibre instrument panel and centre consol throttle add to the elegance which the Sling TSi exudes. The superior comfort and elegance, as well as the unsurpassed attention to detail puts the Sling TSi in a class of its own.


Your Sling TSi is powered by a 160 hp Rotax turbocharged and FADEC 916 iS.

Based on the proven concept of the Rotax 915 iS engine, the 916 offers increased power, the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, full take-off power (160 hp) up to 15,000 feet (4,572 m) and a service ceiling of 23,000 feet (7,010 m) which can all be attributed to the turbocharged engine.

In addition, we now offer MT hydraulic Propellers as a standard. These propellers are a single piece hub made from forged or solid aerospace aluminium alloy. It is corrosion protected and the hub's outside can be additionally painted for sea applications.


Designed by pilots for pilots, the Sling TSi contains a selection of Garmin technologies designed to deliver a refined and integrated flight experience.

The advanced configuration of the Garmin 10” G3X touch EFIS and backup Garmin G5 electronic flight display delivers exceptional performance, reliability and peace of mind. In addition, the Sling TSi’s Garmin standard avionics package includes radio, autopilot system with control panel, transponder, multifunction system interface and Bluetooth audio panel. Garmin’s highly respected user-friendly interface places an abundance of information at your fingertips whilst providing unparalleled capabilities.

BRS Parachutes

Ground extraction test procedures confirm the ability of a rocket to successfully extract a packed parachute out of an aircraft. Ever wonder what this looks like?

In a continued effort to ensure safety in our aircraft, Sling Aircraft and BRS Aerospace have collaborated to integrate their whole aircraft ballistic recovery system in Sling TSi aircraft models, providing peace of mind to thousands of pilots, passengers and their families.

The BRS parachute system is deployed in life threatening situations by a rocket to slow the aircraft and then lower it and the occupants to the ground in a slow and safe descent. The parachute and solid propellant ballistic rocket assembly are enclosed in a canister mounted inside the fuselage that is activated manually by the pilot.


Introducing Beringer Brakes. These cutting-edge brakes boast a global reputation for exceptional reliability, recognised across diverse motorsports disciplines.

Featuring advanced 6’’ HE wheels with Single HE 2 piston caliper Aerotec® patent, coupled with cooling fins, sintered pads and floating discs, this braking system is meticulously designed for optimal performance.

Complemented by Michelin tubeless tires, these components collectively embody the pinnacle of technical excellence.


We have standardised on Garmin instruments throughout. They are modern, reliable and you can get the backup you need no matter where you are in the world.

Instrumentation - Garmin G3X Touch - TAF


Designed from the ground up with a native touchscreen interface, the Garmin 10” G3X Touch flight display is the smartest, most advanced large-format flight displays Garmin has ever designed specifically for LSA and amateur-built aircraft.  The integration and versatility provided by the G3X Touch make it the ideal panel layout for your Sling Aircraft.

Garmin G5 Backup Instruments


Designed by Garmin’s “Team X” engineering group specifically for the light sport aircraft markets, the G5 electronic flight instrument delivers exceptional performance, reliability and ease of installation as an all-in-one backup glass cockpit display. By combining visual cues and data readouts once scattered across a myriad of instruments, G5 makes flight information easier to scan so pilots can respond more quickly and intuitively to any inflight situation.

Instrumentation - Garmin Radios - TAF


Designed specifically for light sport aircraft, the GTR 200 combines powerful Comm capabilities with advanced workload-reducing features formerly only found in high-end certified systems. Its slim 1.35” tall design allows you to make the most of limited space in your panel while 10 W of transmit power helps ensure solid communications between you and ATC or other aircraft in your vicinity. Information displays on the large, sunlight-readable display with brightness levels that can adjust automatically to the natural light level in the cockpit, or can be adjusted manually by the pilot.

Instrumentation - Garmin Transponder - TAF


For nearly 20 years, Garmin has led the development and deployment of various ADS-B projects, and they have optimized their ADS-B solutions for light sport aircraft. The GTX 35R ADS-B transponder integrates with Garmin G3X and G3XTM Touch to provide you quick, cost-effective and powerful ADS-B “Out” capabilities you can control through your flight display.


The Garmin GMC 507 control panel offers a dedicated interface for the GFC 500 autopilot in certified aircraft as well as G3X autopilots in experimental and light sport aircraft. GMC 507 allows pilots to control the advanced features offered by Garmin digital autopilot systems, including advanced autopilot modes such as indicated airspeed hold, independent flight director and third-axis yaw damper (when installed with appropriate servos). Plus, the control wheel integrated into the GMC 507 makes for easier pitch, vertical speed and airspeed adjustments, while separate knobs allow twist-control of heading/track and altitude.

Sling Aircraft - 4-Seater TSi 2024 - Rotax 916iS ELT & Bracket


Take to the skies with confidence with the ELT 345. The best selling ARTEX ELT 345 is built to the industry’s most stringent quality management standards to ensure the ELT works the first time, every time. The ARTEX ELT 345 transmits on 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz frequencies while providing position accuracy thanks to the built-in GPS navigational interface.

Specifications AND Performance


916 iS

Bombardier‐Rotax GmbH
160 hp/119 kW (Turbo)
Maximum Allowable Speed (Vne)
155 KIAS | 178 MPH
Cruise Speed - 9,500 ft AMSL
153 KTAS/173 MPH
Stall Speed - Clean
55 KIAS/63 MPH
Stall Speed - Full Flaps
48 KIAS/55 MPH
Max Demonstrated Crosswind Component
15 KTAS/17 MPH
Takeoff Ground Roll - Concrete
591 ft/180 m
Landing Distance - Braked
492 ft/150 m
Rate of Climb - Sea Level
1,100 ft/min
Maximum Operating Altitude
18,000 ft ASL
8 Hours
Range @ 75% Power with 45 min Reserve
890 nm/1,648 km
31.3 ft/9.54 m
23.54 ft/7.175 m
8 ft/2.45 m
Cabin Width
45.3 in/1.15 m
Standard Empty Weight
505 kg
Maximum Useful Load
445 kg
Maximum Takeoff Weight
950 kg


The Sling TSi includes a host of handy standard features. Interior is all leather upholstered and there are cabin heaters on both sides. Seats are adjustable, as are the pedals. Controls are full-dual – stick, pedals, throttle and brakes. Comfort on the inside is complemented by robust, safety-first design on the outside.

The Sling TSi is made using CNC punched aircraft grade aluminium, main spars are anodised and all aluminium parts alodined against corrosion. Front gear, engine mount and pedals are 4130 steel, while ailerons and elevators have pushrod controls with bearings; indeed all control surface hinges use ball bearings.

Sling Aircraft - 4-Seater TSi 2024 - Rotax 916iS With Beringer Brakes & MT Propeller


  • Sling Aircraft - Running Costs Sling LSA
    Sling Aircraft - Running Costs Sling LSA

    Sling LSA Running Costs/Hour

    This is an estimated running cost per hour for a Sling LSA based on maintenance and fuel burn costs.
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    Sling 2 Running Costs/Hour

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The Sling TSi has a maximum straight and level speed of 160 KTAS and a range of 890 nm.